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To pole or not to pole? That is the question..

By June 17, 2018 No Comments

I have run with poles for a year now and they are great. The provocation for writing this came two weeks ago when I was running in the Peak District under a scorching summer sky and didn’t take them. I felt exposed and longed for the ease they bring in the uphill’s. I first bought a pair whilst recovering from a ligament tear in my ankle late last summer, back then they gave me the confidence to return to the mountains while my ankle was returning to full strength. The ankle repaired and strengthened but I was left with the poles.

Before using poles I was never against them, I had just never really tried them. It’s amazing that they cause such controversy, apparently they take away the pureness of the sport. If that is the case the mountains might¬† soon be inundated with barefoot naked runners skipping from boulder to boulder! Like anything if you intend to use them for specific events or days then getting used to them and integrating them beforehand is definitely a must.

In short…¬†I love them the end.

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